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Custom Nesting dolls 

If you want to have an unique gift - this is brilliant idea!


If you Like Nesting dolls  - Lets create your own nesting dolls Family!

Nesting dolls hand painted by your photos or ideas.

Add a nice background to your dolls - Paris, New York, snow mountain or Sea view picture, favorite flowers, anything is possible.


To start this project:


 - Send me your photos 

 - Tell me about your background ideas (add a note about, we will find the best solution together)

 - Each person's hobby ideas (optional)


You can order any quantity of pieces in the set (from just 1 to 15). Different pricing options - please ask me! 


Can be a Family of 4 with a pet (5) or Family of 3. Just Married couple (Set of 2) or friends (set of 5) We can create anything!


These are real art miniature portraits painted by Artist, and it will be just amazing gift and a big surprise for your family or friends!


It's custom made.  Please be ready to wait approx. 3 weeks to receive it.  The miniature art takes lots of time to create - around 2-3 weeks for all 5 pieces.


It is real Art piece, painted by acrylic oil on wooden nesting dolls form. High quality varnishes, that provide resistance to scratches as well as providing a beautiful, unparalleled glitter. 

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